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From $98
Mixing your track, we perform a multitude of specific operations with the components to create a unique sound of a perfectly balanced musical piece. We work with frequency content, boosting, panning, etc. At certain time frames, and for the whole track, we apply the needed filters, effects, delays, work with frequencies, and do much more.
From $50
Whereas mixing is done to unite all the stems into a cohesive stereo track, mastering gives the final touch to your music. At our online mixing and mastering services, we apply the parameters required by the streaming platforms and perform other improvements to make your music perfect and ready for release
Complete Mixing and Mastering
From $155
If you need us to do both mixing and mastering, then grab the best offer! We’ll do mixing, let you check the result, and then we’ll master the track. Whatever platform you have chosen for release, Spotify, iTunes, or others, we’ll apply all the requirements and make sure your audience gets the best experience from your music.
Upgrade Mixing and Mastering
From $270
Need more time and consultations, more work on the details and questionable points in your recordings, and more use of analog equipment to achieve even better quality? Then Upgrade service is for you! The best members of our team will guide you through the recording and then work on your music using analog equipment.
Beat Mixing
From $95
Beat mixing service is created especially for producers and beatmakers. We’ll make your music sound top-chart from the first seconds, and perfectly fit for adding vocals. Want artists to choose your music, and later to come back and purchase more? Then trust us and let us mix your beats professionally.
Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering
From $300
Sound engineer uses a completely different approach than the one applied for mixing stereo files. Dolby Atmos is an object-based sound system, and the engineer can put every instrument and sound in a virtual 3D space around the listener.
Stem mastering
From $100
Stem mastering provides greater abilities to the mastering engineer to fix various mistakes and improve the overall sound by utilizing pre-rendered buses for drums, bass, vocals and accompanying instruments.
Mastering for iTunes
From $50
Professional mastering service which provides an AAC format file with expanded headroom and custom-tailored frequency response according to Apple Digital Master requirements.
Mastering for Spotify
From $50
Applying dynamic compression and equalization for playback optimization on all audio systems
Manual Vocal Editing
From $58
Manual Vocal Editing is pitch correction using a combination of Melodyne, Autotune, VariAudio, ReVoicePro, Waves Tune to create soft-sounding vocals with perfect pitch.
Music Editing
From $100
Music Editing is replacing audio samples (kick, snare, bass, vocals, etc) to increase the overall quality of sound. Also we are performing time alignment of instruments such as guitars and drums.
Radio editing
From $26
Removing curse words. Preparing song for release on the Radio.
Stem replacement
From $31
This is for replacing sounds after the mixing and mastering process is completed.