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Here at our online music mixing service, we take your multitrack recording and after mixing audio online return a perfectly balanced mix, where all the instruments and voices have been united in the exact harmony your style, genre, composition, and theme require. Mixing audio online, we’ll create a perfect piece of art that may seem simple, natural and almost effortless, and so it should. However, behind any piece of perfection, there is always a lot of hard work, experience, and a complex creative process performed by a master.

What is mixing audio online?

When music is created, ideally, every voice, musical instrument, and sound is recorded separately. Then the tracks, and groups of tracks called stems, are united in such a way that they form a perfect stereo sound together.

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How it works


Audio mixing online should be done by a professional sound engineer. Otherwise, the music piece may sound good, but not great. These days, like never before, you need to aim even beyond the stars and set the highest standards for your work if you want to achieve your goals.

What you’ll need to do to submit your song for mixing audio online is to create a multitrack, recording each sound in the highest possible quality you can. This is the basis on which we, mixing audio online at our mixing studio, will be creating your perfect sound. However, if needed, we’ll still be able to correct some recording mistakes and off-key parts.


Mixing audio online with us is super simple, just export your multitrack recordings in an uncompressed format, create a zip file with them all in, and place your order for mixing audio online.

It is also possible to record a whole album and then submit the files for our online album mixing. You may also want to provide a demo mix and a reference track, to give us more insight into how you envision your creation to turn out. Oh, and by the way, you can add comments to explain in even further detail exactly what you have in mind.


In 3 days you’ll receive the mix you were looking for. If after you have listened to the mix we’ve made, you want something to be done differently, we’ll do revisions and additional editing according to your request.

The main difference of our mixing audio online offer that allows us to stand out among competitor song mixing services is that each member of our team is an accomplished sound engineer. Every one of us has a rich and successful history of working with big productions, projects, and record labels. We don’t have junior specialists on our team, and so you can trust that with us your music will never be in the hands of just another sound engineer. You can be sure that a top-level specialist will be mixing audio online for you and that your project will be completed professionally.

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What does a Mixing Engineer do?

Mixing is a crucial step in music production. It has many elements and steps that a musical piece has to go through, but as a result of mixing audio online, you receive a perfectly united and complete sounding song. Mixing audio online is like bringing together a 3D puzzle, creating a colorful and balanced image using a set of paints, or designing and building a house that will always attract visitors because of its beautiful design. In a few words, mixing audio online is about bringing individual tracks of sound together to create a perfectly balanced song, but to only say this, is to say nothing at all.

To get an insight into the work of a mixing studio, or what you get from the best online mixing service, let’s take a look from the beginning, from the first step of music production – the recording. The performance of a musician, a band, or an orchestra is recorded as a multitrack, a number of separate recordings of different musical instruments and vocals, which together should reproduce the musical piece, but not yet. This is the time when the sound engineer comes on the scene and starts working their magic.

Now let us go through some of the major parts of mixing audio online.


In a hall, a room, or in the open air, wherever the musicians may perform, each member has their place in the scene. When you listen to them playing, you hear sounds coming from everywhere. If you close your eyes, you still can recreate in your mind the position of the sound source, depending on how loud the sound is in your right ear compared to the sound in your left ear. The concept of stereo sound is based on that. Panning is dividing the volume between the right and left channels. Mixing audio online and panning each track, a sound engineer recreates the position of every musical instrument in space, and as a result, you hear the song as if you were actually standing near the musicians and listening to them performing.


Each part and element of a song should be played in the right place in regards to the timing and rhythm. In the process of correcting the tiny timing mistakes, the delays and shifts in time may be applied to the tracks by a mixing engineer.

Working on dynamics

Every instrument should have the exact volume needed to fit the music. Some of them should be louder as they are major and need to be brought to the front. Some of them should be quieter because they will form the background. Every voice and instrument has its own dynamics that while mixing audio online the experienced sound engineer can determine and implement.

Emphasis and emotion

Which part of a single track should be emphasized, become louder, brighter, more vivid? Which instrument and when should be enhanced to draw attention? Where to add a little more surrounding echo and emotion? Where should the beat become louder, inviting the audience to dance along with the song? While mixing audio online, we make sure that your professional mix is always alive, emotional, deprived of dullness and sameness, living with the flow of the music, and our experienced mixing engineers know how to create it this way.


Imagine the sound of your favorite music surrounding you. Are you standing in a huge theater hall, a small concert room, in the field, or inside a spacious cathedral with a high dome? In each of these places, the echo will be different. Mixing audio online, a professional sound engineer knows exactly how to recreate the acoustics of any environment and add it to your song so that the listener will feel where the music was performed and will be virtually placed there.

Equalizing and working with frequencies

An experienced engineer will know what part of the frequency spectrum is important for each instrument, for music in general, and for your song. Mixing audio online with the help of equalization and other tools such as compressors, saturators, and spectral analyzers, certain frequency ranges will be enhanced, made quieter, or even removed from the record as, for example, those pertaining to unwanted noise or resonant frequencies.

The final touch
The final touch.
Finally, through all the tracks, some applications, tools, and filters will be applied while mixing audio online to make the whole composition sound cohesive and better together.
To mix your song at our professional mixing services, we use a variety of DAWs (digital audio workstations) such as Cubase & Pro Tools, as well as analog mixing equipment. Mixing audio online, we analyze and choose the best way of working for every song individually, striving to produce the best results for each song.

Additions to mixing service

Besides our classic mixing audio online, there are a number of other services we offer which you may find helpful and so let us look at some of them.

Manual vocal editing

Singers tend to make mistakes while performing and no, we’re not talking about forgetting the lyrics to a song. Sometimes the voice can falter or sound a little off-key and it can happen to all vocalists ranging from amateur performers and to established musicians across the world. Very rarely, however, the off-key parts make it into the finished product as they are edited out by a sound specialist, and this process is called vocal editing.

During manual vocal editing, those vocal frequencies that don’t align with the needed tune are carefully changed to match the melody. This results in a track where the voice sound is high-quality and the pitch sits with melody exactly as you want it to. We offer vocal editing as an add-on to mixing audio online or as a separate service.
It’s worth noting that all of the editings should be done before mixing and mastering the individual song and album, as it’s extremely difficult, and most of the time nearly impossible, to do such editing work on the mastered recordings.

Music Editing

It often happens that after recording all the instrumental tracks for a new song, the musician realizes that one of the tracks turned out not as great as expected. The quality of the recording may not be good, or the specific performance from the musician didn’t quite hit the right chord. If this happens, we may be able to help you by replacing the specific recording in question with a similar recording of better quality before mixing audio online. Using samples from one of our large musical libraries, we can improve single or multiple tracks from your arrangement, and this will add to the overall quality of your song and correct mistakes, preparing for mixing audio online.

Again it is advisable that you make sure to check over all of the tracks in your arrangement in detail, before submitting the piece to us for online mixing and mastering services. Remember, we cannot create a song with high-quality sound mixing audio online from poorly recorded material.
Now, what if one or several instruments in the arrangement are not managing to stay perfectly in time with each other and with the main tempo? Be it a percussion instrument, or the guitars, or even one of the vocals. We can perform time-alignment editing and make them fit perfectly together before mixing audio online for your song.



We all know that practice makes perfect. Our professional sound engineers who have worked in the music industry for many years, and have completed hundreds of projects, are ready to share their knowledge with you.
If you make mistakes during the creation and recording of your music, it might be difficult, or even impossible, to correct them later in the mixing and mastering stage. Mixing audio online will not remove the recording shortcomings. Better initial quality will allow for a higher quality of sound, which in turn will directly affect the quality that can be produced from it when mixing audio online with us.

If you have any questions about the recording process, mixing audio online, or any other questions concerning creating your music, or maybe you are just not sure that you are doing everything right, in any case, feel free to ask us!
It’s better to approach creating your masterpieces fully prepared, because after all, once released, your music will live forever and many people are going to enjoy it for years to come.

Other mixing engineer services

We also do much more than mixing audio online and additional edits described above. We offer mastering, radio editing, stem replacement, and other services, so if you have a task and don’t know whether we can help you with it, simply contact us and ask, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

Best online mixing services by Major Mixing

Major Mixing is an all-in-one professional sound engineering company, mastering and mixing audio online, and an official Apple Digital Masters provider that offers a range of online audio mixing services to musicians, producers, and performers from all around the world. Mixing audio online, we have worked with celebrities who have already released many albums, as well as with new and upcoming talents, who have just created their first song. We can successfully mix and master music of any genre, including pop, rock, blues, hip hop, house, orchestral. We perform mixing audio online for  every genre.


Music is an industry

Music is art, it’s the inspiration and emotion, but can it be subject to any rules and trends? The answer is – yes, of course. We have been mixing audio online for more than 10 years, and we understand it like no one else. Even if that may seem like a paradox, the music industry has its own standards of how a song should sound and at what level it has to hit to be recognized. This tends to be determined by what is currently trending for each and every genre, and specialists in the industry know this very well.

Together with industrial and technological development, the music industry in the modern world change no less quickly and unpredictably. It not only takes talent and education to be a specialist in music production today, a good sound engineer understands all the current trends and standards that rule the music world now, and they always keep their eyes open to spot the rapid changes.

If you aim to succeed, you need to team up with those specialists who keep their finger on the pulse of the music industry. We can help you not only with mixing audio online, but we’ll also empower your song with up-to-date sound, which will have the highest chance to win.

Mixing audio online, we’ll guide you to success

Each member of the Major Mixing team has experience in modern music production and has worked on many successful projects. What differs us from others and why you can be confident to choose our online audio mixing studio is because each member within our team has been individually integral to many successful music creations.

We understand not only your music but the trends and expectations that the ever-changing music industry sets before you today. We will not only perform mixing audio online for you but also help you develop your music in line with the highest up-to-date standards. It will be great to meet you!


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