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Major Mixing - professional mixing and mastering studio has highly experienced engineers on board and the right gear.
We provide you with all the help that is required to get your song or album sound perfect.

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With us, you’ll receive a perfect mix and master record for your future release. We love to bring the songs to the level of top-chart projects. The sound will capture and impress the audience, becoming their favorite music. Our professional mixing and mastering is the best way for you to compete in the industry today and to take your music career to the next level. Listen to some of our before and after samples just to be sure:


Huge difference, right? Listen to more genres and see that you are surely in the right place!

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We have provided online mixing and mastering services to a large number of musicians and their labels. Some of our customers are working with these companies. You can be sure, your music is being perfected by masters.

Professional Mixing and Mastering Services by Major Mixing


Why choose us

3 days, can you believe it!
Your order will be ready in 3 days. No matter if it’s the weekend. Yes, we care about our clients so much at our audio mixing and mastering services that we don’t want them to wait.
Only production professionals
Every member of Major Mixing is a professional sound engineer who has worked many years in the music industry. Sound engineers who will work with your material understand the trends and the requirements of today’s music industry and know how to apply them to your music piece. They will diligently work on your song to make it sound up to the highest standards.
Apple Digital Masters provider
Our team has been approved by Apple to officially create masters according to the new Apple standard. If you want your song to be streamed across the Apple ecosystem in the highest quality, receive the Lossless and ADM labels, as the top artists do, we’ll be happy to help.
Your genre!
We have successfully worked on the music of all styles and genres, have learned their peculiarities, and what sound picture each style requires. We’ll find the unique sound for your mix taking into account the genre, your song reference, and your style.
Free consulting
When you submit your song for mixing, mastering, or editing, we provide notes from our top engineers on how you can improve each stage of your production process. We answer your questions and offer free consulting. Your success is our primary goal.
Analog equipment
We use not only digital DAWs for completing your tasks. For the best online mixing and mastering services, we also apply analog mixing equipment to achieve the exceptional characteristics of sound.
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Completed Projects 285 Completed Projects
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300+ reviews at Trustpilot and Reviewsio and Google


Mixing Services
Mixing Services
From $98

For online mixing your track, we perform a multitude of specific operations with the components to create a unique sound of a perfectly balanced musical piece. We work with frequency content, boosting, panning, etc. At certain time frames, and for the whole track, we apply the needed filters, effects, delays, work with frequencies, and do much more.

Mastering Services
Mastering Services

Whereas mixing is done to unite all the stems into a cohesive stereo track, mastering gives the final touch to your music. At our online mastering services, we apply the parameters required by the streaming platforms and perform other improvements to make your music perfect and ready for release

Complete Mixing and Mastering
Complete Mixing and Mastering
From $115

If you need us to do both online mixing and mastering, then grab the best offer! We’ll do mixing, let you check the result, and then we’ll master the track. Whatever platform you have chosen for release, Spotify, iTunes, or others, we’ll apply all the requirements and make sure your audience gets the best experience from your music.

Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering
Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering
From $300

Sound engineer uses a completely different approach than the one applied for mixing stereo files. Dolby Atmos is an object-based sound system, and the engineer can put every instrument and sound in a virtual 3D space around the listener.

How Online Mixing and Mastering Services Works

Our online music mixing and mastering services studio makes only ✔️Affordable ✔️High-Quality ✔️Radio-Ready Sound by 🏆Top-Nominated engineers. Also, it is a place where our mixing and mastering services engineers work, and the only difference is that you don’t have to walk into our office to place an order. We reply quickly and save you time and money, providing high-quality mixing and mastering services while keeping the price low.

Let us look at the process of creating a song:

  • Record your music, recording all the instruments and vocals separately if possible. Make it with the best quality possible.
  • Export tracks (or stems) from your DAW in an uncompressed format, create a folder with all these tracks (or stems), and make a zip file with it
  • Upload it with your order for mixing and mastering services, you can add samples of the mix, a reference song, and your comments
  • Listen to our work and ask for a revision if needed
  • Release your song and enjoy the fame

At our studio, together with DAWs, we use top analog equipment to work on your music. All the engineers at our mixing and mastering services have successfully cooperated with big music production projects and are working with up-to-date music industry trends and requirements. We’ll bring your music to the top-chart level of sound.

What Does a Mixing and Mastering Engineer Do?

The audio engineer is the one who creates the first impression from your song. Even before the vocals start singing, from the very beginning, what your listener will hear is the sound. This sound may capture the attention immediately, call for the audience and make them forget everything they were doing at the moment and start listening to the song. On the other hand, the sound may not engage the listener at all. Our professional mixing and mastering services aim to create an exceptional captivating and touching experience from your song, and we know how to do it.

Working with the music, we create the overall acoustics – the atmosphere of the sound. For every instrument, we choose its place in the scene, the needed equalization, compression, and other filters. We make it louder, moving it to the front, or quieter, shifting it to the background. We highlight the major frequencies of an instrument, bringing the most essence out of its performance. We emphasize it at time frames when it contributes the most to the impression.

We prepare your song for release so that it could compete with the top-chart compositions and sound fresh and captivating.

Our engineers who provide mixing and mastering services are 🏆Top-Nominated and ✔️Highly-Experienced. Check our services and we will take the material you have recorded and create for you the coherent composition of your style, that has a unique character, color, mood, and harmony. The composition is now ready to conquer the world.