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Complete mixing and mastering services

You have finished recording all the tracks for your song or album, and now you need it to be mixed and mastered. Major Mixing complete mixing and mastering service is the ideal choice for you. It’s a two-in-one top-quality service. In three days you’ll receive your song with a professional rich sound ready for streaming.

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What does the complete mixing and mastering package include

We will be happy to provide you with everything your song or album needs after having been recorded. Within this package, you receive mixing together with mastering performed only by experienced sound engineers.

It includes

The highest industry-levelcomplete mastering and mixing together for the best price
Up to 3 revisions in case you need them
No more than 3 days turnover time

Working on your order, we will use professional digital workstations and plugins for mixing and mastering. Here are some of the plugins we’ll use for perfecting the sound of your music: Waves, FabFilter, Eventide, Lexicon, Softube, SoundToys, Slate Digital, Valhalla, AOM, Native Instruments, U-HE, and many others.

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What are you going to receive in 3 days? In the master version of your song, you’ll see the following qualities:

Everything we do complies with RIAA’s (Recording Industry Association of America) Technical Standards
All the instruments are set in their places in the stereo space, creating the complete stereo image
The sound is rich throughout all the frequency spectrum
Instruments and vocals are all joined harmoniously, everything and everyone can be heard with the necessary strength and clarity
We make sure all the instruments and percussion perfectly follow the rhythm of the composition
The dynamic range is perfect, the essential quiet parts are made louder, and the composition sounds loud and harmonious.

Those are only some of the features, we have many tricks up the sleeve, and we’ll use them all to enhance your music. You’ll receive the song perfect and ready for distribution

Additions to our service

In addition to our complete audio mastering and mixing, you may want to choose the following services

Manual vocal editing, for pitch correction
Music editing, if you see that some of your instrumental tracks haven’t turned out exactly as you’d like them to be
Radio Editing, if your song contains language not allowed on radio streaming
Special mastering options compatible with different streaming mediums like Mastering for iTunes or Spotify

Want another option in addition that you don’t see here? Just ask us about what you would like us to help you with. Remember, our goal is to bring your music to perfection.

Why choose Major Mixing

Our clients choose us and always come back. The three things artists like about us are our professionalism and experience, great customer service, and quick turnover.


The Major Mixing team consists only of sound engineers who have been successful working with big music production projects. We keep our hands on the pulse of the industry and work with many different genres of music. Trusting us with your song, you can be sure that we’ll mix and master it according to today’s musical standards and trends.

At the same time, as experienced musicians, we’ll see and highlight the individuality of your project, making it not only walk together with modern music but also stand out and be different, because that’s how you wanted it to be when creating it.

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To start working with us is pretty simple. Please, export the tracks or stems from your DAW in a wav format, create an archive and upload it in the order window. Don’t forget to add a demo mix if you have one, reference songs, and any comments you’d like to add to help us perceive your vision.

If you have any questions, please, ask, we are always happy to help.