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Mastering is the final and absolutely necessary treatment for your song. Only a professional sound engineer in a music mastering studio can do it correctly. Professional online mastering is not about increasing the loudness or adding some compression to the mix. Online mastering in our music mastering service is done to finally give your song the top-chart power and beauty of the sound for which you were preparing your composition during all the previous stages including mixing.

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What is mastering in music?


With mixing we combine all the instruments, making sure they follow the rhythm. We correct the pitch if needed, add different plugins to the recorded tracks or stems, and position each one of them in the stereo image. When the mixing is done, ideally, all the elements of the song are cohered together well.

After that comes our online mastering. A professional audio mastering engineer listens to the entire composition and corrects the collective sound, not the separate tracks.

Our online mastering has three main goals:
Give the whole composition its best version of the sound
Work on the song in places where its sound needs improvement
Create the best master regarding the requirements of the streaming platforms

Of course, there can be more improvements that the specialist from online mastering services can decide to implement, but all of them should pertain to the operations that can be done to the song as a whole.
Sometimes, however, mixing mistakes do surface during online mastering, and they can not be fixed other than by returning to the mixing procedure and making amendments. And after that, online mastering will be able to make the song perfect.

Mastering a composition, a sound engineer performs the following operations:

Working with loudness within specific parts of the song and with the whole piece


Using compression to bring the low volume parts up when needed


Working on parts of the song that need improvements


Adjusting frequencies with the equalizer at certain time spans and for the whole composition


Suppressing unwanted noise frequencies, creating more space


Applying different plugins and tools to the whole song to make the sound rich and top-quality

How to master your song online

Working with our online mastering is easy and convenient. What do you have to do to master your track online with us? Follow the steps described in the order window. You will need to send us an archive with your uncompressed song file using the upload button in the order window. And in no more than three days you will receive your master track online from us.

You can also add the comments and thoughts you need us to know before we do the mastering online. We’ll try to implement any of the remarks you give us and customize our work to your preferences.

Surely, once you have received the master record, you’ll have an opportunity to check the sound we created. If there appears to be anything you would like to be done differently, you have revision options, we’ll redo the online mastering according to what you wish at no additional charge


Benefits of professionally mastering a track


Whatever the plans for your song or album are, whether it’s to get to the top of the world charts, or just to surprise certain people, or bring a smile to the face of your loved one, it’s always better to have it mixed and mastered by a professional sound engineer.


Is it necessary?

Did you know that artists, as a rule, don’t like to show anyone their unfinished paintings? They don’t, and there is a simple reason for that. Artists know that people will not truly appreciate any creation until it’s finished because nobody can look inside the artist’s mind. You may imagine your song, and your music in their perfect sound, and fully appreciate and love it, but nobody else can, until the composition actually sounds perfect and spotless from their speakers or in their headphones. And our online mastering will do just that.


So, no matter what audience you are targeting with your music, you need to bring the sound to perfection in order to be able to share it with people. Otherwise, it will only remain as a perfect idea in your head, and for everybody else, it will be a something’s-wrong-with-the-sound piece.


Moreover, music is an industry with its rules and rapidly changing trends and standards. If you wish your song to succeed on radio or streaming platforms, if you put your audio master online, it should be done according to the requirements of today’s technology and music fashion, not yesterday’s but today’s.

Will an online mastering application do?

During online mastering, a professional sound engineer from song mastering services will bring out the best sides of your song, working on it according to the genre and style. He or she will help develop the impression that the melody is meant to bring individuality, and the mood of the entire song. By that, the whole composition will receive even more depth and clarity, and the main theme will be enhanced. Some little faults of mixing will be mended.


On the contrary, what the application on a music online mastering website is going to do, is to apply some standard online mastering algorithms to your song. There will be no individual approach and no detailed fixing, just some general loudness and acoustic improvements that the online mastering algorithm would use also with any other music piece. If you try to master vocal online with the application, it will go with the same average approach. Seriously, your song is not worth being treated like that.


We live in the era of machines and artificial intelligence. Robots can perform amazing things now, they drive cars, talk with you and order food from the supermarket. They assemble complicated equipment and cook food. But they can not enjoy music, nor can they understand any of it. Despite the progress with artificial intelligence and technologies, robots still can not provide the necessary means for artistically improving music or online mastering.


How much does online mastering cost?

The price for online mastering varies greatly, and the main thing that affects it is the qualification of the sound engineer. Major Mixing’s prices are relatively low, especially considering our vast experience. So, please, don’t get the wrong message from our price range, our services are top quality, we just love to keep them affordable.

Our best online song online mastering offer is transparent, without any hidden costs. Just fill in the form in the order window, put in the number of songs and other information that’s required, and you’ll see the price for your order.

Best song mastering online by Major Mixing engineers


Major Mixing is just another sound engineering team, right? Yes, but not exactly. What differs us from others is that we don’t have junior specialists among us. Each one of us has good experience working in music production and online mastering. We’ve mastered hundreds of albums and singles of different genres for professional artists.

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How to find the right person for online mastering? When choosing a sound engineer, it’s good to pay attention to these points:

  • Experience in producing high-quality sound for top music industry projects
  • Good knowledge of modern trends in music production
  • Experience and interest in working with your genre
  • Attention to detail, patience, and a good understanding of your personal style
  • Professional in online mastering for different streaming platforms, has certifications.

Major Mixing team satisfies all these points for online mastering including the Apple Digital Masters Certification. We have worked with big labels and celebrity musicians, and know what it takes for a song to get to the top. Our team consists of only this kind of sound engineers, that is why when you give us your music for online mastering, you can rest assured that a true professional is working on it. For our online mastering, we use analog equipment and digital DAWs as well.


By the way, If you are looking for analog online mastering, you are exactly at the right place. We widely use analog equipment in our work, and it helps us achieve the highest quality of online mastering. However, for some music, using DAWs is necessary. That is why for mastering online each song we choose the option that will help us create the best sound for this song.


If you’re looking for mixing and mastering services with additional consulting on how to make your multitrack better, or if you prefer analog mixing, please, check out our Upgrade Mixing and Mastering. Within this online mastering and mixing service, your work will receive an increased amount of time and support from us. You’ll get more revisions. The leaders of the team will work on your song using analog equipment, and you will use our consulting to clarify any questions.

You may also consider our Stem Mastering if you wish the composition to be rather flexible and more convenient for making changes and improvements during online mastering.


In case you have just recorded your tracks and don’t own the final mix yet, we have an amazing offer for you. Our Complete Mixing and Mastering, two in one, will give you the best price and solution. Our best engineers will perform online mastering and mixing according to your vision. We’ll study your demo mix and reference tracks (you can provide several), create the best final mix, and do online mastering. You’ll also get free revisions if needed.


We are prepared to professionally work with your song or album, our online mastering will provide it with the best sound and the highest chance to succeed.  Please, place your order, or otherwise, contact us for more information, we’ll always be happy to help.


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