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Mixing and mastering prices and rates

Major Mixing offers a wide range of services at various prices. Here, every artist will find the offer that suits them perfectly. Maybe you are working on a huge commercial production project, or maybe you are creating an amateur single recording, you’ll find an option exactly for you regarding the set of services and mixing and mastering prices.

How much does mixing and mastering cost?

The service you choose, the size of your project, amount of tracks, and amount of add-ons will determine our mixing mastering rates per song.

To get an idea of how much we charge for services without add-ons, look at these approximate numbers:

  • Mixing – $98-240
  • Mastering – $50
  • Complete Mixing and Mastering – $115-276
  • Upgrade (analog) mixing and mastering – $270-460
  • Mixing and mastering for Dolby Atmos – $300-540

However, our audio mixing prices are determined taking into account every detail of the order, add-ons, and discounts. You can calculate the exact price for your order on the order page of each particular service.

Which mixing and mastering service to choose?

We provide these options of our main services:

Mixing or mastering
Mixing or mastering

You can order high-quality mixing or mastering separately for the best mixing and mastering prices

Complete mixing and mastering
Complete mixing and mastering

If you need both mixing and mastering, this is the best deal! For small or big projects we offer the highest quality of service for the perfect master price. How much does it cost to master a song? Check using our order page.

Upgrade mixing and mastering
Upgrade mixing and mastering

If you want analog mixing and mastering, this is the service for you. It will also suit big commercial projects. However, regardless of the project range, if you need your song or album to get the most attention from us and you could use our consulting, choose this option. Calculate our mixing and mastering prices per song on the order page.

Note that besides these, we offer you a number of other sound editing services. To see all of them, please, visit our All Services page.

You can calculate the price of your order using our order page. The mixing prices are created taking into account the following items:

  • Price of the particular service
  • Number of songs (the more songs you include, the more discount you get for your order)
  • Number of tracks or stems in a multitrack
  • Add-ons

Here are some of the Add-ons that you can choose with your order:

Stem mastering

When you order mastering, you can choose a stem mastering add-on, which will give the sound engineer more opportunities to make your song sound its best.

Manual vocal editing

Every singer can miss a note a little bit from time to time. If you need your record to be perfect, you may want to correct those flaws and we can help you with that. We manually correct vocal mistakes using special software. After the correction, the voice sounds natural with minimum robotic effect.

Music editing.

There may be a guitar or drum track that could have been recorded better. We can replace a stem or track in your recording, or edit the music.

Radio editing.

Your song contains words not allowed to play on the radio? We’ll help you edit those words out leaving the song sounding perfect.

Mastering for iTunes.

Major Mixing is an official Apple Digital Masters provider. For a small addition to the master price, when ordering mastering, you can choose the option to master for iTunes and receive a professional Apple Digital Master recording.

Mastering for Spotify and other options.

Get the master record that will sound its best on Spotify.

To check the mixing prices or the price for any other service, you need to go to the order page and enter all the details.

Remember, that there will be a discount if you submit more than one song. Moreover, the more songs you order, the mastering and mixing prices per song will be smaller!

Mixing and mastering services by Major Mixing

Mastering and mixing prices vary greatly from one studio to another. There are famous companies with exclusively high master price for top artists, and also studios where one can order mixing or mastering and not hurt their budget at all.

We at Major Mixing mix and master records for big top-rated projects, but we also wanted to choose the way of work that would allow us to help not only a certain group of artists but every musician, and have offers with lower mixing prices. That is why we have prepared so many service options, add-ons, and mastering and mixing prices to choose from.

No matter what stage your career in music has reached, be sure that you can find a service option for you, and for the needed price.

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