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Here we provide you with exceptional, two-in-one service. Within our manual vocal editing, you receive online pitch correction together with time alignment of your vocal tracks so that they unite coherently forming exactly the sound you had in mind.

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What is manual vocal editing?

We edit your vocal tracks manually because despite the vast variety of online autotune applications, they are far from perfect. For high-quality vocal tuning, you still need a professional musician to listen to the resulting sound and know what application to use, when and how to use it.

Automatically corrected vocals may turn out sounding unnatural and a person familiar with singing pitch correction will spot the difference instantly. The general audience may also hear the corrected note sounding a bit unpleasant. There will be a shade of artificially generated, robotic notes.

In order to create a perfect vocal track, we use Celemony Melodyne pitch correction and other applications including VariAudio, ReVoicePro, Autotune, and Waves Tune. We always use manual editing applications like Melodyne, autotune alone can never give you high-quality results because of its limitations.

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As the result of manual pitch correction you receive:

Perfect pitch

Natural voice

Smooth and soft sound

Is it ok to use pitch correction?

Aren’t too many artists now applying vocal corrections to their performances? Automatic pitch correction may seem like a growing tendency that is going to sweep away the difference between an amateur and a professional, making everyone able to sing perfectly. But, of course, it’s not true.

We know from multiple examples that many legends who made it to the top of the music charts were and are far away from always singing the exact notes. It has always taken rather a unique imperfection than a perfect pitch to rise to the top. However, off-tune singing can sound amateur and unpleasant.

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So, yes, it’s absolutely professional to work on the vocal pitch. Correct it if you need, and when you choose to change some parts of your recording, trust only manual pitch correction. Professional musicians at Major Mixing have worked on many songs, different genres, and styles. With our voice editing service, we’ll correct your vocal gently, using a combination of applications. The result will sound as natural as possible, without the trace of features pertaining to automatic correction.

Online time alignment for vocal tracks

When you unite all your recorded lead and back vocals, there may occur a difference in timing every now and then between them. Even the split-second shift creates unpleasant moments of dissonance within the song. That is why, together with vocal tuning, we provide also time alignment.

We make sure the vocals are absolutely coherent and synchronized at every part of the song. Our professional musicians will listen to your multitrack and manually correct the timing at places when needed. As the result, you’ll receive harmony between all your vocal tracks.

Best vocal editing online by Major Mixing

Our team consists solely of highly experienced sound engineers. We provide mixing and mastering services in the music industry for many years, correcting voice pitch online for professional artists. We know what trends we need to follow to make the song of your genre sound like a piece that is heading to be at the top of the charts, and we’ll share our experience with you.

Manual pitch correction that sounds natural
Manual time alignment of the vocal tracks
We send you the corrected multitrack in 3 days or even earlier
3 free revisions if needed

Placing your order for correcting sound pitch online is simple. Just follow the instructions, upload the files, and add your notes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via our online chat. We’ll always be happy to answer you.

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