Manual Vocal Editing


No time for pitch correction or time alignment? Tired of routine work on the studio?

Even among the most talented singers, there are times when they don’t sing quite “to the note”. Most often, this problem can be solved by a regular autotune, but it can make your voice a little robotic. Also, Autotune can’t fix timing issues for vocals. In order to avoid this AutoTune effect on vocals, we provide Manual Vocal Editing service. Manual Vocal Editing is pitch correction using a combination of Melodyne, Autotune, VariAudio, ReVoicePro, and Waves Tune to create soft-sounding vocals with perfect pitch. The main goal of Manual Vocal Editing is to retune the high or low note to the nearest semitone. Also, this service included a time alignment of vocals. Our team has professional musicians on board with perfect pitch hearing. We have a lot of experience in pitch correction and time alignment for industry quality projects. This service suit is great for recording studios, producers, coaches, vocalists and more. We can help you achieve the perfect vocal sound and save you time and money.

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How can I place an order for Manual Vocal Editing?
  1. First of all, you need to export vocals from your DAW.
  2. Then, please zip your files.
  3. Choose the service you’re interested in.
  4. Fill in all fields. Choose the quantity of songs and vocal tracks.
  5. Leave a note (any wishes for a mix and references).
  6. Upload zipped files and a demo mix (if you have).
  7. Choose add ons (optional).
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What is the Manual Vocal Editing?

Manual Vocal Editing is pitch correction using a combination of Melodyne and Autotune to create gentle sounding perfect pitch vocals.

How to prepare my song for Manual Vocal Editing?

First of all export your demo mix. Make sure that you’ve exported an instrumental as a one stem, and each vocal track separately.
Double check your audio files before uploading. Reload them into a new Session/Project, checking that they are in the correct placement and length.
Finally zip your files.

Will my voice sound robotic with Manual Vocal Editing?

Usually there will be no robotic effect on the voice. But it depends on how out of tone you are.

Should I send a demo mix?

Yes, that would be perfect! We will get an idea of the correct placement.

How many revisions do I have?

You will have 3 revision sessions.

Which genres do you work with?

We work with any genre. We have a team of musicians which have a lot of experience in editing almost all genres.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also, we are cooperating with different engineers around the world.

Do you have bulk deals?

Sure! We have discounts for bulk deals. The size of the discount depends on the quantity of songs. You can always check it in the order window.

What is “Recording Background vocals”?

Sometimes, songs need additional background vocals to improve vocal sound. We provide recording services for the missed vocals of a song, with the help of session vocalists.

Can I contact you for additional information?

Of course! You can contact us via Live Chat on the website,



instagram: @major_mixing.