Music Editing


Music production is a long and complicated process, in which mistakes can be made at any stage. This is especially true of the arrangement.

If a mistake was made during the arranging stage, even a mixing engineer can not fix it. If we talk about specific cases, then very often the arrangers use low-quality sounds, or some of the instruments may be poorly recorded. This affects the sound of the entire song very seriously. Of course, in this case, you can contact your beat maker and ask him to redo it, but this can take quite a long time.

In order to save your time, we have added the Music Editing function. With this service, we will replace some of your samples with similar but improved ones using high-quality libraries (Omnisphere, Spire, Splice, Kshmr). We’re not providing rearranging, we’re improving the sound.

So, Music Editing is replacing audio samples (kick, snare, bass, hats, etc) to increase the overall quality of sound. Also we are doing time alignment of instruments such as guitars and drums.

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