Online Beat Mixing Services

Beat Mixing Services

If you are making beats, you are in the right place here at Major Mixing. This page and this online Beat Mixing service we created for you. We help beatmakers to perfect their beats to the highest quality of sound and attract more buyers. We mix beats online so you could create and sell more of them.

We work with songs every day and see what’s wrong with many beats on the market:

Problem number one – not top-quality sound. In the music market today, many beatmakers lack professional equipment and mixing skills. This makes it impossible for their mixes to get to the level of cutting-edge industry sound. Searching through the beat samples, the customer will not pay attention to such products, because they are not standing out among others. Online beat mixing from our audio engineers can solve this issue and make your mix sound as top-chart songs do.

Another problem – no place for vocals. The majority of beats now are not created with the thought about the singer. A beat itself is good, but when an artist starts to record a voice upon this beat, that’s when the difficulties begin to build up. The instruments mask the vocal and compete with it within the song. This artist will not be satisfied and obviously is not going to buy similar mixes in the future. Major Mixing online beat mixing service will make sure there is perfect space for vocals in your mix.

When an artist is browsing through beat samples, looking for one to buy, the main criteria for making a choice will be rich, modern, and high-quality sound, perfect for adding vocal tracks.

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How to get beats professionally mixed

As a beatmaker, you are definitely talented and have good taste in music, your beats are great. At the same time, you might not own a professional mixing studio, equipment, and all the skills of an experienced sound engineer.

Top beatmakers now realize that instead of working themselves with limited resources and striving to receive a good sound, it’s more beneficial to cooperate with professional sound engineers for online beat mixing. The experience and knowledge will bring the needed results, and create excellent beat mixes that will attract buyers.

Our online beat mixing will help your beats to stand far above any issues that are present on the beat market today. Your creations will be mixed well, vocal-friendly, and have rich, top-quality sound.

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How much does it cost to mix beats online?

As musicians, we understand beatmakers very well. We treasure the business relationship we have with many beatmakers and keep the prices low

We charge for online beat mixing services much less than for song mixing.

Moreover, we usually make bulk deals with beatmakers, and for every next beat in the order, there is a discount. The more beats you order, the bigger our discount!

Our price also depends on the number of stems and the size of the project. And we always offer 3 free revisions, so you are completely in charge of the beat you are going to receive.

Beat Mastering

If you need your beats mastered, we can do this as well. Your beats will sound complete and impressive and will stand out among the competitor’s products. Working with your music, we use only top-level equipment. Our approach to mastering is based on many years of successful experience. We’ll make sure your beats sound professional and captivating, at the highest industry level.

Online beat mixing services by Major Mixing

Our job is to provide mixing and mastering services. And very often artists bring us songs created with ready-made beats. We start mixing, but if the beat is not done professionally, it’s difficult to develop a great-sounding song. And the artist may be unhappy about it, but we can not remix a beat if it comes to us in one stem. And on those days we wish we had the opportunity to mix those beats in the first place.

Our modern equipment and rich skills allow us to perform online beat mixing and to master beats according to all RIAA standards.
Being professional sound engineers, with 10+ years of working with the top projects in the music industry, we do mixing beats professionally and help beatmakers create high-quality products appealing to artists.

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The beat we mix will have a noticeable and captivating sound to attract the singers. The artist will create and release the song with your beat exactly as they wanted. Such artists will not only buy a beat once but they will come back to you for more beats like this.