Upgrade Mixing And Mastering


The most complete and advanced service. By purchasing the “Upgrade Mixing and Mastering” service, you’ll get mixing and mastering of your song using only analog gears. Only Top nominated engineers work on your song in this service and they have a lot of experience and understanding of all the nuances of analog mixing. More time will be spent on your project compared to other services. This will achieve the best effect for you and your composition.

We know how big a role of arrangement, recording, and editing is in music production. We know which mistakes could be done in all these stages.

Therefore, the Upgrade Mixing and Mastering includes consulting, which will help you avoid mistakes in recording and arranging your song and help you improve the sound of your music and reach the next level in the music industry. We will show you what needs to be changed, rewritten, improved, and what to use for this.

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What is the difference between Complete Mixing and Mastering and Upgrade Mixing and Mastering?

First of all, the Upgrade Mixing and Mastering service – is mixing and mastering using only analog gears. For this service we provide consulting for any questions, and spend much more time on each project. Also, your song will be done by a chief-engineer and you will get 6 revision sessions.

What is the price?

Price depends on the project size and addons you’re interested in. Please go to the Order Window, fill in all fields, choose the addons (if needed) to check the price for the exact project.

How can I place an order for Upgrade Mixing and Mastering?
  1. First of all you need to export stems from your DAW.
  2. Then, please zip your files.
  3. Choose the service you’re interested in.
  4. Fill in all fields. Choose the quantity of songs and stems.
  5. Leave a note (any wishes for a mix and references).
  6. Upload zipped files and a demo mix (if you have).
  7. Choose add ons (optional).
  8. Proceed to Checkout
What are “stems”?

It’s each instrument and vocals separately (as separate tracks).
For example kick, snare, bass, piano, lead vocal, background vocal. etc.

How to prepare my song for Upgrade Mixing and Mastering?

First of all, export your demo mix. Then you need to export the stems from your DAW. We have a list of video manuals:

Double check your audio files before uploading. Reload them into a new Session/Project, checking that they are in the correct placement and length. Finally zip your files.

Should I send a demo mix?

Yes, that would be perfect! We will get your idea of mixing and mastering for this project (balances, effects, etc.).

Should I send a reference track?

You may send us a reference track to show us the sound you like. If there are no reference tracks – no worries, we will pick up something similar to your song.

How many revisions do I have?

You will have 6 revision sessions.

Which genres do you work with?

We work with any genre. We have a team of mixing engineers, which have a lot of experience in mixing and mastering almost all genres.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also we are cooperating with different engineers around the world.

Do you mix with analog gear?

Sure! We have an option which is called Upgrade Mixing and Mastering – which is fully analog.
But we work mostly in the box. Basically, we choose an approach for each project (digital or analog). So we choose which will fit better. We’re working for the result, not just for the “analog mixed’ label.

What is Music Editing and Manual Vocal Editing?

Music Editing is when we replace some samples (kick, snare, bass, hats, etc) to increase the overall quality of sound. Also we are doing time alignment of instruments such as guitars and drums.
Manual Vocal Editing is pitch correction using a combination of Melodyne and Autotune to create gentle sounding perfect pitch vocals.

What is the Mastering for iTunes and Mastering for Spotify?

Mastering for Spotify- mastering according to the requirements of Spotify. Mostly it’s about volume. It helps your track to sound better on Spotify, because a regular master can be over compressed in some cases for this platform.
Apple Digital Masters – they have a different format – AAC, which requires a different headroom and approach. This format provides the best audio quality to the customers. This add on is not applicable for regular iTunes release. Choose this option if you want to release your music with the Apple Digital Masters badge. Also the Apple Digital Masters file can’t be created in a simple mastering house. You need to master it at an Apple Official Mastering house.
We’re happy to say that Major Mixing is an Apple Certified Mastering House!

Do you have bulk deals?

Sure! We have discounts for bulk deals. The size of the discount depends on the quantity of songs. You can always check it in the order window.

Can I contact you for additional information?

Of course! You can contact us via Live Chat on the website,

email: info@majormixing.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/majormixing

instagram: @major_mixing.