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Would you like your song to be mixed using analog equipment? You are in the right place! We at Major Mixing analog mastering services have been working with analog music editing for years and have accumulated great experience. Together with this exceptional mixing and mastering option, our Upgrade service includes several other great features, so you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

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What you get by purchasing our Upgrade mixing and mastering services

We’ll be happy to bring your song or album to the perfect level of sound only analog mixing can achieve. Here we also provide special consultations and more revision options than we normally offer with other packages.

Upgrade services include
Perfect and powerful analog mixing and mastering performed by our best engineers
Up to 8 revision opportunities if you want us to make changes to our work
Additional premium consulting
No more than 4 days waiting time for your order

Your mix will be created using professional analog gears. Here is some of the equipment we use:

Mixing Console – RUPERT NEVE DESIGNS 5088

Outboard gear – Empirical Labs Distressor, Manley Variable MU, Teletronix LA2A, UA 1176, Lexicon 480L, SSL G Comp, Bricasti M7

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Only our top-rated engineers will mix and master the music for you and answer your questions.

Within this service, our special consulting is included. When you send us your stems, we analyze them and if in the process we determine that any track can be recorded better or needs changes, we give you our suggestions on how to improve it.

A mastered version of a song can only be as great as the initial tracks will allow, and some mistakes can not be fixed on the music editing level. That is why within our Upgrade service, we also look into the recording process if needed, to achieve the best results possible for your composition or album.


Benefits of analog mixing and mastering

Analog mixing is still considered the best treatment for music. No matter how sophisticated the digital tools have become, they still can not come close to the magic that happens with your song inside an analog device.

The reason for this is that the digital approach transforms sound into discrete steps and numbers. No matter how tiny the steps are, and how close the representation is to an analog curve, it still is not perfectly smooth. That’s why the mixing of analog sounds bear such softness and warmth which sometimes can not be achieved with digital plug-ins.

Upgrade Mixing And Mastering-photo-2

More harmonious union of the instruments and vocals

Upgrade Mixing And Mastering-photo-2

Smoother and warmer resulting sound

Upgrade Mixing And Mastering-photo-2

Vinyl-like quality of the music

Many top-rated musicians and performers now prefer analog mixing and mastering services over digital, so rest assured you are on the right path choosing analog editing for your music.


Analog professional mixing and mastering service by Major Mixing

Our engineers have been doing analog professional mixing and mastering for a long time and have gained priceless experience. Each of us is a professional and has succeeded in working with famous production projects, and we know how to give your song or album the best sound to succeed in the music industry today.

Here, at our studio, we have a perfect set of professional analog gear that we use for perfecting the best compositions.

Place your order now, you can add your comments, demo mix, and reference tracks. We’ll work on your song or album carefully taking into account all your suggestions. Or use the live chat to ask us any questions you have, we are always happy to help.

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