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Using our music production service, you can receive the arrangement from a music producer online for any song you have in mind, and realize your unique creative ideas, make a song online.

The best music producers will record the instrumental parts for your song of any complexity and style, and according to your preferences and vision.

With us, you’ll become a highly productive artist. We want you to succeed!

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Professional music producers create top-notch arrangements that are captivating for listening and perfect for adding vocals. Listen to our random samples from different genres and see for yourself that the quality of our online music production company is high.

Pop Ballad
Hip Hop

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We have provided our services to a large number of musicians and their labels. Some of our customers are working with these companies. You can be sure, your music is being created and perfected by masters.

Professional music production services by Major Mixing


Why choose us

Only professional music producers
We select only the best musicians who proved to be successful in the industry. You’ll receive music that is up-to-date and unique.
Exactly your style and genre
You’ll work with a professional music producer online that specializes in your style and genre. This will guarantee that you receive exactly the music you’ve had in mind
Live instruments or digital music
Your choice of instruments and equipment will be satisfied, as well as your preferences and your vision of the instrumental tracks
Free revisions and friendly support
You have an option for free revisions, and we have the friendliest customer support, so you can be confident in the result
Complete cycle: from draft to release
In addition, you can enjoy our mixing, mastering, and consulting services, and easily develop a ready-to-release product working only with us
10+ years of experience and certifications
Our online music production company has many years of experience working with big music industry projects, we are experts in today’s music trends. Major Mixing is a certified ADM provider.
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Your personal music producer online

In our high-tech society, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of top-notch music in a song. No matter how genius your song idea is, if poorly implemented, it will never reach the audience and become a hit.

Your personal music producer online! Sounds great, right? But is it real and professional? With Major Mixing this dream is absolutely real. Here you are just one click away from perfect, high-quality music for your song.

Major Mixing cooperates with more than a hundred professional producers, each of them specializing in writing certain genres and types of music. We work with artists every day and see what material different musicians create. We select only the best producers to work with for our online music production.

We know these producers, their experience, and achievements, and this helps us make the right choice every time selecting music producers for a song.

Leave your message regarding online music production using the contact form.

Please, write your email, and describe your project.

You are welcome to upload the demo recording of the song through any file transfer way, add comments with the details, and the link to the file

We’ll receive your request and reply to you with the pricing and other details as soon as possible.

Please, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!

    Step 1
    You send us a demo version of your song and describe your preferences
    Step 2
    We select one of our best producers for your project
    Step 3
    You discuss with the producer the genre and all the needed features of the music
    Step 4
    The producer creates a professional instrumental multitrack
    Step 5
    You receive the highest-quality music and record your future hit

    We’ll choose a producer for your style and genre. You as an artist have a unique and distinct style, we understand it very well and want you to stand out even more and highlight your individuality. We want you to succeed. That’s why we’ll find a producer exactly for your style, no matter how rare or popular your style and genre is.

    We will pick for you a personal music producer online that fits the best for creating the instrumental parts of your song, and you’ll receive the industry-level arrangement in your style.

    How online music production works

    With our online music production services, we provide a complete solution for you to easily create more and more songs.

    Make a song online! Contact us with your task, and a professional music producer will create the instrumental multitrack for you.

    What will you need to provide:

    • A demo version of your song, that you have recorded with piano or guitar
    • Reference songs, that you like and will give the producer the idea of how you want the music to be done
    • More comments about the desired instrumental parts if needed

    What will we do:

    • We’ll select the best music producers for your song, genre, and style
    • The producer will create the instrumental part for your song
    • If creating your music requires recording live instruments, the producer will organize all the sessions and create the recordings.

    As a result, you’ll receive a professional instrumental multitrack that is perfectly ready for adding vocal parts to it. With us, you can make a song online, it’s easy and professional.

    Make a song online with us, and we’ll be happy to watch it rise to the top of the charts!

    Create a ready-for-release hit with Major Mixing

    Major Mixing is a team of professional audio engineers with huge experience. We helped many songs to see the world and many artists to develop their careers.

    As an artist you know, that creating a song is a complex process with the following main steps:

    • Creating an idea for a song
    • Writing lyrics
    • Creating a melody
    • Writing music for the song
    • Recording instrumental tracks and percussions
    • Recording vocals
    • Mixing
    • Mastering

    If you are a singer and songwriter, you can do the first three steps yourself, but the rest of the steps require skills and experience that you might not have. And this is exactly where we at Major Mixing can help you to make a song online.

    We can support the creation of your song from a first demo draft to a ready-for-release, professionally mastered record.

    Think of a song idea and we’ll help you through the rest of the journey. We’ll help you with the arrangement, mixing, and mastering, and even consult you if needed about how to record with the highest quality.