How to write a musician bio

How to write a musician bio


You are a music artist and you need to write a bio page for your website or a platform. It could be a tricky task. What should a musician include in a bio, and what to leave out? In this article we’ll discuss the main parts that form the artist bio, look at some musician bio examples, and hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll have a clear picture of how to do your ”Bio”, “Biography”, or “About” page.

Music artist bio template – main points

A bio should be written in the third person, this way it can easily be used by other people to promote you or to write about you. 

The bio will contain:

Basic information about you
A small personal story
Your main achievements
Overview of current projects

How to write a musician bio-photo 1It’s better to keep it medium-sized. However, how to write an artist bio, and how much text you want to put there is up to you. Of course, people generally don’t appreciate long texts, and if you make your bio too long, chances are nobody will read it till the end. At the same time, too short an article will leave the reader unsatisfied and wondering for more information.

The bio page should be designed using your personal recognizable style. As well as the whole website, the Bio page will invite the visitor into your world, and sell them your uniqueness and charisma. 

It should be convenient to read. It will serve your benefit if you make the font medium-sized with good intervals between lines, and divide the text into small paragraphs. Because easy-to-read text is much more likely to be read, and you want people to learn about you, right?

Now, we’ll look at these principles more closely, with a short artist bio example for every point.

Music bio part 1 – Give the basic information

Some artists write their musician bio as if readers are already their fans and know basic information about them. But remember, a random person who stopped to read your bio might not be familiar with you and your career. Also, accurate basic information about you could be useful for any business promotion. So, start your musician bio with a short but complete description of who you are, where you are from, and what genres you are working with. 

Also, if possible, explain in short what is your specific innovation in the music industry. In other words, what is so unique and specific about you and your music that your many fans like. For example:

“He is a young American rapper and Hip-hop singer-songwriter, born August 19, 2002. He earned his popularity by creating extremely meaningful and touching lyrics, singing about modern problems that young people in America face. His style of singing is also unique, and jumps from quiet to loud voice, creating an emotional picture that is greatly appreciated by the younger generation.”

Music bio part 2 – Tell a story

How to write a musician bio-photo 2Why a story? Your musician bio is a part of your marketing, in fact, as an artist, everything you do is a part of your marketing campaign. And as we know, the most successful marketing tool is a story. Stories sell as nothing else. Stories touch the emotions, create the atmosphere. And this atmosphere is what people are buying, not the product. 

So, after your official introduction, it’s storytime. Of course, it will be short, maybe one or two paragraphs, but you need to select it carefully. You’ll need to describe a situation most of your audience can relate to. At the same time, it can be a story of what made you the kind of musician you are now. But the good news is, they are usually the same thing. So, think of something in your life that was the cause of your creativity, and at the same time, very dear to your audience. 

For instance, if your fans are of the younger generation, the story could contain a problem you faced in your youth. 

“… She often felt lonely and life seemed pointless. She felt like there was only dark emptiness left inside her. Until when she was fourteen she decided to try and take piano lessons. Singing her first songs to simple melodies opened up her heart and set her feelings free … ”

If you sing for romantic and imaginative people, and your style is something like folk rock, you may tell a story of a first love and how it inspired you to put your feelings into music.

As a rock musician, you could tell how you practiced with your band till late at night almost every day.

“… And every one of them understood at that time the importance of what they were doing. No matter how tired, each of them came every day to that small old studio and they practiced as much as they could. And they would sometimes fall asleep right in that small room having no strength to go home.  Until one day they turned on their amateur recording and understood, they were listening to the music that was going to change the world…”

Feel free to put sensory details in your story, warmth and cold, scents, textures. 

“… When he finished playing that song, the listeners were amazed. There were at least two long seconds of silence when he could hear his heartbeat so loud, before the audience started to applaud emotionally. Walking home that day, soaking wet in a cold autumn rain in New York, he was happy, because he knew exactly what his first album would look like… ” 

With a story, you want to bring the reader into your world, create a feeling, a bond, as if they have become closer to you.

Music bio part 3 – Present an accomplished artistHow to write a musician bio-photo 3

Here you are talking about the main points in your career – the biggest hit, the biggest award, the concert that gathered the biggest crowd. 

Don’t lie here, but try to tell the truth in such a way that the reader could see a lot of achievements. For example, mention the best reward you received, and then name other competitions you participated in; tell about your biggest success, and after that mention other not-so-successful projects. That way your achievements will virtually multiply and seem bigger. 


“Her popularity grew tremendously after her hit Lavender Night enjoyed huge popularity in the summer of 2020. After that, she has already released two great albums. Her online concerts in 2021 gathered tens of thousands of listeners… ” 

Mention your collaboration with accomplished artists, participation in famous events, anything that resembles success and could add to your credibility. Try to keep the text entertaining and interesting to read.

When it is possible, don’t say how good you are, but let the readers draw conclusions from your descriptions. 

 “Thousands of his fans couldn’t wait to see the new album released…”, or “The listeners are always amazed by how uniquely her voice sounds…” 

Let the reader visualize the multitude of your fans and accept their opinion, not just the thoughts of the writer of the musician bio.

Try to make this section informative but not long, you don’t want to lose the reader’s attention while you are listing your achievements.

How to write a musician bio-photo 4Music bio part 4 – Talk about current project and plans

Describe here the projects you are currently involved in and want your reader to know. Who are you working with? What are your plans? What projects have you just completed? Tell about your tours, live and online events, and other activities.

Here is the place of advertising your albums and concerts once more. Describe your recent album or single and Invite the reader to check them out. You can put links to the samples, and other information for the reader to explore. 

Design of your musician bio page matters

Your text should be easy-to-read, so a person could read your musician bio effortlessly and quickly. It’s surprising how obvious this rule is, and how few people follow it. Be among the smart ones, and help your reader stay on the page with a clear big font. Divide your text into small paragraphs with good spaces between them. You can even add more structure to your text by highlighting the most important sentences.

On the other hand, the background picture, your photo, and the font style should directly follow your artistic image. Your fans should be able to recognise your personality in the design. The people who are not familiar with your work, should immediately sense your unique atmosphere, the world of your music.

Your bio will need updates

You will grow as an artist, and develop different plans and perspectives. You will create new albums, engage in other activities, maybe even your image and style will change. Remember that you will need to update the information in your musician bio from time to time. Keeping the information up-to-date will help you to promote your music better.


When you have completed the bio, proofread it. Then show it to a person whose opinion you value, and see if they like it. In case you are not satisfied with how your text sounds, you may want to hire an experienced writer to proofread the text and make it sound more professional, smooth and beautiful. 

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We know that if you still need to write a musician bio for your website, it means there is no personal wikipedia article about you yet, and you are not yet among those who enjoy world-wide popularity. But remember, just yet! We’ve seen many success stories that started like yours. 

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