How to make a clean version of a song online

How to make a clean version of a song online


How to make a clean version of a song

You are distributing your hit on streaming platforms keeping up with all the newest technology. Still, no matter how much has changed in the music industry, many people are still listening to the good old FM stations. If your song appears on the radio, even more people will notice it and your popularity will grow.

However, radio stations have strict rules about profanity, it is not allowed in the songs they play. That is why, if you, like many modern singers, like to expand and attract your audience by using swear words or other types of words that are not allowed for radio streaming, you are going to need an extra mix of your song – the clean version. How to make a clean version of a rap song, hip-hop, or other genres? Read the article to find some tips.

How can you get clean versions of songs?

How to make a clean version of a song online-photo 1First, remember that the radio-edited song of high quality can not be created from the main mastered track that you are distributing. The work should be done using your multitrack, and then you’ll need it mastered. That’s why it makes sense to order a clean mix for your song at the same place where you order mixing.

The second thing to remember is that different radio stations have slightly different rules for clean versions. The set of banned words may differ. Besides obvious inappropriate words, it may include names of drugs and other phrases. It will be a good idea to contact the radio stations you are planning to submit your song to and ask specifically about these rules. This will ensure that your mixing engineer will not leave any of the forbidden words in the mix, and you’ll not have to waste your time and money ordering the remix again.

How the radio version of a song is created

So, what the audio engineer is going to do? The engineer will work with the vocal tracks in the multitrack, the arrangement and beats will be unchanged.

There are several options for making a clean version of a song. For example,

• Add a covering beep over a swear word
• Silence the place where the word occurs
• Modify the sound of the word making it unclear

The third option is preferable, and we use it when we perform radio editing for our customers. In this case, the vocal remains close to the original, and minimum harm to the melody and rhythm of the vocal is done.

Some songs though have a huge problem with radio editing. It appears that there are songs in which the majority of the words must be edited out for radio streaming. As the result, the artist receives a radio version of the song, listening to which, people wouldn’t be able to make out anything from the remaining lyrics. How to deal with it, is up to the artist to decide. There is, though, another way of making a radio version of a song we haven’t mentioned yet, and it will help in this situation as well. It’s the best way of all, it includes redoing the vocal track.

The best way to make a clean version of a song

Rewriting the lyrics and recording a separate clean version of a song especially for playing on the radio may seem too much trouble. But it depends on how good the edited version will be and how many swear words your song contains.

If you want your radio listeners to receive the highest-quality experience from your music, you may consider this option. In this case, the entire song will be perfect, without any masked parts.

Major Mixing online radio edit service

Engage the radio audience in listening to your music! it’s a great way to promote and grow your popularity even more.

How to create a clean version of a song online? If you need a radio version of your song, we’ll be happy to help. We make clean versions often, especially for rappers, hip-hop, and rock singers. Send us your multitrack, and in three days or less, you’ll receive a censored version mix. Use our Radio edit service page to get more information or order the editing.