How to Export Multitrack in Reaper


You are working with your multitrack in Reaper. Render multiple tracks, exporting them to a set of audio files for sending them to a mixing engineer, or for mixing in another DAW.

Use these simple steps:

    1. Select all tracks in your session, use Ctrl+Shift for Windows, or Command+Shift for Mac.
    2. Bypass all the effects. Ensure that the tracks are not clipping, and that the peaks are not louder than -6 dB. Make sure that all the channels are named correctly.
    3. Set a locator for the whole session.
    4. Go to the “File” menu and select “Render”.
    5. In the “Source” field choose “Stems (selected tracks)”, and in the “Bounce” field, choose “Time selection”.
    6. For the “Directory”, browse for the directory, and create a new folder. Name it with a project name and include your song’s BPM in the name.
    7. For “File name”, click “Wildcards” and select “$track”.
    8. Format should be WAV, sample rate should be 44,1 kHz, and choose bit depth 24-bit.
    9. Hit “Render” now.

This was a step-by-step procedure of how to export individual tracks from Reaper.
Now your files are ready to be zipped.