How to Export Multitrack in Logic X


How to export tracks in Logic Pro X. The first thing we need to do is to save a copy of the session using the menu “File”, “Save A Copy As”. Save it with a project name, for example, “Audio mixdown”.

Now open this session, choose all audio files, and remove plugins and EQ processing before exporting. Do not remove only the effects you want to keep in the mix, such as some filters, or a particular delay, etc. Ensure that there’s no clipping, and that the peaks are not louder than – 6 dB. Check if all the channels are named correctly. Then go to the edit window and make sure that your cycle selection is active.

Now you are ready to see how to export stems in Logic.

  1. Select all the tracks.
  2. Use the menu “File”, “Export”, and “Tracks As Audio Files”.
  3. Choose WAVE file format and 24 bits bit depth.
  4. Select “Limit Export to Cycle Range”.
  5. Create your destination folder, include the BPM of your song in the name, and press “Save”.

We described how to bounce stems in Logic Pro X, and we are sure you could do it successfully. Now your files are ready to be zipped.