How to Export Multitrack in GarageBand


In this article, you’ll learn how to share GarageBand projects. For this, you need to open the project you created in GarageBand, and export individual tracks. Before exporting, duplicate your project using the menu “File” and “Save as” to keep the original session.

Now bypass the effects. Leave in the multitrack only the effects you want to keep in the mix, such as certain filters, or a particular delay, and so on. After that, ensure that the tracks are not clipping, and the peaks are not louder than -6 dB.

Check if all the channels are named correctly.
Go to the Edit window and make sure that your cycle selection is active.
Now you are ready to see how to export individual tracks in GarageBand.

    1. Solo first channel of the session.
    2. Use the menu “Share”, “Export Song to Disk…”. Create the destination folder for your tracks.
    3. From GarageBand, export tracks as wav files. Select “wave file” type and “24-bit depth” quality. Put the correct file name in the “Save as” field, and press “Export”.
    4. Repeat this process for each file of the session.

After this, your files are ready to be zipped. Include the BPM of your song in the file name.
The export is completed. Now you can send these files for mixing mastering.