How to Export Multitrack in FL Studio


How to export individual tracks in FL Studio. First, all tracks should be routed to the mixer. After that, bypass all the effects, except the ones you want to keep in the mix, such as certain filters, a particular delay, and so on. Make sure that all channels are named correctly and sent to the master fader.
Before explaining how to export individual tracks in FL Studio, let’s check if your tracks have enough headroom. For this, make sure that the tracks are not clipping, and that the peaks are not louder than -6 dB.
Then follow the steps:

    1. Select all audio files by pressing <Ctrl> or <Command> and selecting them.
    2. In the File menu choose “Export” and “Wave file”.
    3. Create your destination folder name including the song’s bpm in the name. Press save.
    4. Set your bit depth to 24 bits for exporting, activate the option “split mixer tracks”, and press “Export”.

Now, all your tracks are in the destination folder ready for mixing mastering and you can zip it.