How to Export Multitrack in Cubase


How to export individual tracks in Cubase. The first thing we need to do is to save a copy of the session using the menu “File” and “Save As”.

After that, open the mixing console by pressing F3. Then press “Reset MixConsole Channels” in the mix console window menu.

Before exporting, make sure that the tracks are not clipping, and the peaks are not louder than -6 dB. Ensure that all channels are named correctly.

Now we are ready to export stems in Cubase.

    1. Select all tracks by pressing <control> + <a>, or <command> + <a> for Mac.
    2. Press “P” and now the locator is set to the selection range.
    3. Now choose the menu “File”, then “Export”, “Audio Mixdown”. Here you should activate multiple channel export (channel batch export), select all audio channels, and also the instrument tracks if you’re using VST instruments. Make sure that nothing is on mute.
    4. Now set “Naming Scheme” to “channel Number” and “Name”.
    5. Also, check that “Mono Downmix” is not chosen.
    6. Set “Sample Rate” to 44,1 kHz, and “Bit Depth” to 24 bit.
    7. Choose your destination folder in “File Path” and press “Export”.

Now your files are exported and are ready to be zipped. Include your song’s BPM in the resulting file name.