How to Export Multitrack in Ableton


How to export a session from Ableton. We’ll export all tracks separately. The first thing we need to do is to save a copy of the session. Open the “File” menu, choose “Save a Copy”, and press “Save”.

After that, remove effects from each track. However, you can leave the effects that you would like to keep in the mix, for example, some filters, certain delays, etc.

Also, before exporting, ensure that the track is not clipping, and that the peaks are not louder than -6 dB.

Now, we are ready to export our multitrack.

    1. Go to the “File” menu and select “Export Audio”.
    2. In the field “Rendered Track”, select the option “All individual tracks”.
    3. Set “Normalize” to “Off”.
    4. Set file type to WAV, and bit depth to 24 bits.
    5. Press “Export”.
    6. Create the destination name, include your song’s BPM in the name.
    7. Press “Save”.

Now your Ableton export stems procedure is completed.