What is Apple Digital Masters?

What is Apple Digital Masters?


Apple Digital Masters has now become the new standard applied to the tracks sold and listened to all across Apple platforms. It represents the perfect quality of the recording, and it’s the only standard accepted for mastering a song for itunes today.

Comparing “Digital Masters” and “Mastered for iTunes”

Many old records have now received this new sign. That’s why a huge percentage of the music that was created by mastering for itunes, recently became Digital Masters.

The guidelines for making your master accepted generally have not changed, but there are slight details. Let us look at some differences:

  • The music satisfying the requirements will acquire the badge of Digital Master
  • You will be able to use these musical pieces across all Apple ecosystems
  • Eventually, the only music you will find on Apple will be of this new standard

Generally speaking, Apple Digital Masters for itunes is just a new name, and a slightly changed famous old standard.

My music has already been mastered for another platform. Will it suffice?

You want to distribute your music using tune core and apple digital platforms, or through other popular resources. But on each platform, your creation will sound surprisingly different, or, as it happens sometimes, unexpectedly spoiled. The qualities and equalization that were perfect for YouTube, may ruin your composition on Spotify. The point is that the material gets converted and normalized again when it is accepted to another streaming service, and every one of the services has its own formats and standards for dynamics.

How can I make a good-for-every-platform master?

This exceptional master does not exist. However, you can follow some rules that will help your master to survive and reach the listeners with the best version of the sound. Some points to understand:

  • Loudness is not the king. The louder the music, the better the listener’s experience, that’s what we usually think. But that is not true when it comes to submitting your masterpiece to streaming. Streaming services will normalize your song and make it fit their level, and the loudest songs may get damaged in the process.
  • Many resources have pre-set equalization created by their choice. You will not be able to fit them all. But what may seem more discouraging is that tomorrow they may decide and alter their preset parameters. So, if you did even try to master a song separately for every service, you would never be able to reach perfection.
  • Your listener will use their favorite devices for playback. It’s important to be aware of how different devices will reproduce your sound. You have to be sure that your listener will get the best experience from your song on every device they choose, and will not be disappointed by any unpleasant noises and frequencies that may appear in your music due to their choice of a playback device or environment.

So, the best way is to go with a more universal master, that will fit most of the resources, and will sound great on most of the listeners’ devices. But how to achieve that? To make this work, the experienced sound engineer will study your track, using a set of parameters. Professionals have learned by many years of experience, what peaks to avoid and what frequencies to enhance. They know exactly which of many details can improve or spoil your song, and how to prevent mistakes.

Mastering for Apple gives your music the sound that will be perfect not only on Apple platforms. Working on your song, we will bring it to the most preferable peak rate close to -0,6dB, higher levels are not advisable. Apple Digital Masters Lufs level will be set to -16 for playback. Complying with Apple standards, will not only open the way into the Apple world for you but also will provide you with a master that can be distributed through many other resources with exceptional sound qualities.

How can I receive an “Apple Digital Masters” certificate for my music?

To submit your master to the platforms you have to find a certified mastering studio. Luckily, engineers that are mastering for itunes online are present all across the globe and constantly creating high-quality mastered music.

  • You first need to find this studio and make sure that they have received the needed certification.
  • This certified engineer will master your music to match the Digital Masters requirements
  • Sending your track to the Apple platform, you will need to specify the name of your certified specialist. You’ll also have to request the ADM certificate for your music. Apple will contact your mastering house to confirm the information you submitted.

Major Mixing is a certified apple digital masters studio, we are on Apple Digital Masters Provider List and will be happy to bring your music to the required standards.

Why do I need to master my track up to the highest standards?

The tech world is racing ahead with unbelievable speed. And as a music creator, you may be all consumed by your creative processes and ideas, implementing your genius creations, and this is extremely special. As we all know, true genius is above time and contemporary things.

However, to be seen and heard today, you need to match and be even higher than the standards accepted now by the technical world. And we at Major Mastering understand this as no one else does.

Being highly creative people ourselves, we made it our mission to be the bridge that unites a genius musician’s inspiration with the highest digital sound standards. We make your music sound so well that even listeners that don’t like your style will appreciate and share it.

Get in touch now to ask a question or submit a record, and see by yourself, you’ll never want another mastering service ever.